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10 Year Safety Milestone!


In a time where workplace safety and employee retention is of the utmost importance, the DH Pace Arizona location has consistently created a culture of working safe. Approximately 70 employees were recently recognized for achieving an all-time Company safety record. The Arizona Team has, thus far, logged more than 1.4 million man hours, and 10 years with no lost time incidents. Arizona reached this record spanning from May 2004 to May 2014.

This safety milestone is a direct result of Arizona’s employees’ ongoing commitment to safety awareness and practices. The local Safety Committee, established to promote and recognize the critical impact of working safely, meet on a monthly basis to identify safety issues and to implement practical solutions to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day incident free to their families.

Congratulations to our Arizona team for their efforts in achieving this impressive 10 year milestone and exemplifying a safety attitude to make each job a safe and productive work site!